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Stains can form on the surfaces of your teeth when dark particles from foods, beverages, and tobacco adhere to the microscopic textures of your tooth enamel. Without some form of resolution, these minor surface stains can gradually start to penetrate your teeth. In time, this could create a dull, yellow, stained smile.

For a smile suffering from this level of staining problems, the whitening products sold on store shelves are rarely strong enough to whiten teeth. They tend to remove existing surface stains, yet the underlying enamel appears yellow or even gray in color.

Rather than attempting to resolve the problem with ineffective or potentially harmful retail products, you should schedule a whitening consultation at Smiles Unlimited. The training and experience your dentist has received can help restore the white smile you desire.

In most cases, the most effective method for safely whitening stained tooth enamel is for Dr. Rakhi Jani to administer a dental bleaching treatment in Livermore, California.

This involves protecting your gums with a rubber dam or special gel. Then, concentrated dental-grade bleach will be poured into a special tray. It is held in your mouth with a gentle suction wand for a specific period of time that is relevant to the severity of your staining problems.

Dr. Rakhi Jani might then use a special ultraviolet light to address any minor problem areas.

After the dental bleaching treatment, you might want to consider cutting back on dark foods, beverages, and tobacco. Brushing your teeth with a whitening toothpaste approved by the American Dental Association could also help remove future surface stains.

If you are struggling with a stained smile, you should call 925.344.5757 to schedule a whitening consultation or dental bleaching treatment with Dr. Rakhi Jani.