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Welcome to Smiles Unlimited Family Dental and Implants

Our dentist and dental team are dedicated to helping you keep your smile healthy for life; however, certain conditions may result in damage to your smile. If your smile has been damaged by tooth decay, periodontal disease, trauma, or another factor, we are here to help you restore your oral health. Dr. Rakhi Jani is pleased to offer high-quality restorative dentistry in Livermore, California, which includes a number of treatments and services aimed at restoring the health, function, and appearance of your smile. Our restorative treatment options include:

• Dental bridges – Used to replace one or more missing teeth (usually a maximum of three teeth in a row)
• Dental crowns – Used to restore teeth that are seriously damaged, decayed, weakened, irregularly shaped, or otherwise compromised
• Dental fillings – Used to repair teeth that have experienced minor to moderate damage
Dental implants – Used to permanently replace one or more missing teeth
• Dentures (partial and/or complete) – Used to replace multiple missing teeth

We work hard to help you return your smile to optimal health and function. We also realize the importance of feeling confident in your smile’s appearance, and we strive to provide an aesthetic restoration for a beautiful, natural-looking smile. We invite you to call or visit us today at Smiles Unlimited to learn more about restorative dentistry and how we can improve your smile!