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Create an Improved Oral Health Identity with Risky Food Avoidance

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Your food choices often play a key role in your oral health, as the ingredients you consume can potentially be dangerous for your health. Create an improved oral health identity with risky food avoidance. If your oral health care requires a proper diet, remember the following:

Hard Candies: Usually, hard candies can chip and crack teeth, so always exercise caution when biting into hard products including lollipops, candy apples, and corn kernels.

Sticky and Chewy Snacks: Sticky snacks like gummy worms and taffy can stick to your teeth and gums and cause damage to your mouth long after eating them.

Sugary Sweet and Drinks: Sugars can be transformed into harmful acids in your mouth that can cause dental erosion and cavities.

Acidic Foods: The acids in foods such as tomatoes and citrus fruits can dramatically weaken tooth enamel and increase your risk for tooth enamel and cavities.

Sour Candies: Sour candies have a low pH level and high acidity capable of causing dental erosion and extreme tooth sensitivity.

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