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Don’t Open Things with Your Teeth!

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Think it or not, there are lots of things that people use their teeth for that they shouldn’t. From ripping plastic to smashing nut shells, we’ve seen lots of teeth impaired after inappropriate usage. Sadly, during this holiday season, we see an increase in this type of problem. Here are some things you can monitor to keep yourself safe and your teeth safe.

During this time of year, multiple people use their teeth to open things: don’t do this! Your teeth are designed for grinding, slicing and chewing food, but not for opening presents! If you open a gift with your teeth, you could perhaps be in for a restorative exam with our team. Another issue we’ve noticed is people opening alcohol and soda bottles with their teeth: we can’t stress enough how harmful this is! Spend a tiny bit of extra time to find a bottle opener and retain yourself a lot of time and hurt from fixing a broken tooth or broken teeth.

Make time for your appointment with Dr. Rakhi Jani by dialing 925.344.5757, and the Smiles Unlimited team in Livermore, California, will help you. Do your best not to open gifts with your teeth, and we’ll congratulate you on your patience during your next exam!