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If you would like to keep your toothbrush in tip-top shape, or if you would like to keep it free from germs, bacteria, and infections, our Smiles Unlimited team has some tips for you! It’s important to care for your brush each and every day. If you don’t, your pearly whites will not be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis and you will have a high chance of spreading germs and other harmful substances. So, to help you keep your toothbrush in the best condition possible, we recommend doing the following things:

· Thoroughly wash your hands before and after every time you brush your teeth and floss. It’s best to use soap and warm water while you do so.

· Rinse your toothbrush with warm water after you are done brushing. Then, store your toothbrush upright and let it air dry. Please do not put a cover over the bristles until they are completely free from water. If you do, the cover will provide a moist environment for bacteria to grow in.

· Make sure your toothbrush is completely dry when you use it. To help make this possible, have two toothbrushes and switch between them while the other dries.

· Please do not share a toothbrush with anyone and do your best to keep your brush from touching another brush’s bristles while it’s being stored. If they touch, bacteria can easily spread.

· Always replace your toothbrush after you have been sick.

· While you are sick, remember to use a different tube of toothpaste than others so you don’t pass the sickness on to them.

Call 925.344.5757 today if you would like to know more about toothbrush care in Livermore, California! Dr. Rakhi Jani and our team are here to help you in any way we can, and we are more than happy to give you the toothbrush tips you need to be successful. We look forward to hearing from you!