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Did you know that eating some foods (like chocolate and berries) could darken your teeth? Or that smoking or drinking coffee could stain your teeth? Did you know that even something as innocent and unavoidable as aging can steal some of your smile’s luster? Fortunately, teeth whitening is available to counteract these problems.

But, what do you do if you fall and your tooth turns black? Of if you accidentally take an elbow to the face? What would you do if teeth whitening didn’t brighten your teeth? Today, we’re happy to list a few of your options.

Your dentist could recommend covering the tooth. Generally, they will recommend either a crown or veneer. Both of these treatments can be matched to the shape and color of your tooth and are designed to cover teeth with small flaws.

Another option is removing the center layer of your teeth. The outer layer of your teeth is translucent, meaning that stains in the center of your teeth are perfectly visible. If this is your situation, your dentist could recommend removing your pulp—the center layer of your teeth—to remove the stain.

If you are interested in learning more about what you can do for a discolored tooth, please feel free to contact us soon. We are excited to hear from you.