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Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy by Fighting Cavities

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Unfortunately, there is one prominent dental issue in the world today that attacks and harms the little chompers in infants’ and toddlers’ mouths. That issue is known as baby bottle tooth decay. This issue can create painful cavities that keep your child up at night and make eating difficult and painful. It’s best to prevent this issue altogether. So, to help you keep your child’s smile in tip-top shape, you can fight this dental issue by doing the following things:

Clean and strengthen the chompers

It’s important to wipe your child’s gums with a wet cloth after each meal. This is important when your child doesn’t quite have any teeth yet. When your child’s first little chomper grows into place, brush it with a child-sized toothbrush (you can usually find these in the infant aisle at the store) and water. When they are 2 years old, you can introduce toothpaste. Floss your child’s teeth once two touch each other. Make sure your child receives enough fluoride by following your dentist’s and pediatrician’s guidelines.

Take advantage of dental treatments

Bring your child into Smiles Unlimited for their first dental checkup when they are 1 year old or six months after their first little chomper erupts from the gums. This appointment will help your child maintain a successful oral health, it will allow you to find answers to your questions, and it will help your child get comfortable in the dental chair.

Avoid sugar

As you may already know, sugar is bad for the teeth, especially because it causes cavities. So, please don’t put sugary liquids in your child’s bottle, and don’t send them to bed with a sugary drink. Also, please don’t dip your child’s pacifier in sugar or honey before giving it to them.

As you can see, it’s not that difficult to keep your child’s smile in tip-top shape. However, it might be for some. So, if you have any questions about how to care for your child’s teeth and gums as well as how to prevent baby bottle tooth decay in Livermore, California, please don’t hesitate to give Smiles Unlimited a call at 925.344.5757. We are more than happy to help you so you can take great care of your child.