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As the weather turns the leaves crimson and the smell of cinnamon and sweets waft through the air, remember to keep your oral health care at its best. The plants will inevitably decay, but that doesn’t mean your teeth have to. If you should find yourself with a cavity (or two), our dentist at Smiles Unlimited can help. Your options for filling cavities include both metal amalgams and resin-based fillings. Of course, there are benefits to both, and we list some of them here for your review:

Advantages of composite fillings:

  • Can be matched to the color of your teeth.
  • Can be used on cavities too small for amalgams.
  • Can be repaired multiple times without having to remove the original filling.
  • Can last from seven to ten years.
  • Do not contain mercury.
  • More preventative to a tooth fracture.
  • Do not leak like an amalgam filling can.

Advantages of amalgam fillings:

  • Can last longer than composite fillings in large cavities.
  • Are typically more affordable.
  • Easier and quicker for the dentist to place.
  • Have a 150-year track record of quality and reliability.

Tooth decay can happen to anyone, but should it strike you, it’s important to have it cared for immediately. If you would like to book an appointment, please call our dedicated staff at 925.344.5757, or visit our office in Livermore, California. We are always ready to help you restore your beautiful, confident smile!