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Tooth Sensitivity Treatment Will Be Based on the Underlying Cause

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Many people who struggle with tooth sensitivity discomfort will try brushing their teeth with a special toothpaste formulated with potassium nitrate. While this can provide temporary relief of symptoms it might also be masking a more serious oral health problem. So, it’s best to have your tooth sensitivity professionally diagnosed by Dr. Rakhi Jani.

In most cases, the underlying cause and contributing factors of your tooth sensitivity symptoms will determine the treatment plan she recommends.

Tooth sensitivity that is limited to specific teeth might be caused by undetected or untreated cavities.  In a case like this, Dr. Rakhi Jani will need to repair the teeth with either a dental filling or dental crown.

It might also be possible for enamel erosion to contribute to tooth sensitivity discomfort. This can happen when poor oral hygiene or excess consumption of acidic beverages manages to weaken the mineral density of your tooth enamel

In a case like this Dr. Rakhi Jani can administer a fluoride treatment to restore a significant amount of your tooth’s enamel mineral strength. Afterward, she might also provide you a prescription for daily fluoride supplements. Making improvements in your daily oral hygiene routine, and cutting back on acidic beverages could also prove beneficial.

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