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You’ve likely heard of them before, but not many people know the importance – or the role of – dental sealants in oral health, especially for younger children. While adults can get sealants if needed, they’re far more common in kids.

Here at Smiles Unlimited in Livermore, California, we offer sealants to children to help keep their oral health in the best possible condition since they’re not always known for remembering to brush twice a day. But are sealants worth the time and the money? Let’s take a look at why Dr. Rakhi Jani recommends you bother with them.

Do sealants work?

The short answer is yes. Sealants work by filling in the grooves – or fissures – in teeth to prevent them from forming cavities. These grooves have a tendency to gather a lot of plaque, and if they’re not regularly cleaned a cavity is almost a guarantee. Sealants help eliminate that possibility.

Are they worth it?

Your dentist here at Smiles Unlimited recommends that you bring your children in to see if they need sealants or not. Some children won’t have fissures deep enough on their molars to merit sealants, while others definitely will.

If you’re looking for ways to help your kids keep their oral health in as good condition as possible, sealants may be the answer. To get more information about them, contact us today at 925.344.5757.